A note to my collectors - I am humbled by a successful 25 year career in art making, and am grateful to all of you who have supported my efforts through the years through your purchases. A most sincere Thank You!

Mary Erickson Collectors' Club - Register your purchase of an original oil painting by Mary Erickson. 
As owner of a Mary Erickson original oil painting, you are a Collectors' Club member. As a thank you to my early collectors, and current ones too, I offer a 10% price incentive whenever you purchase another original painting, whether it be through me, or any of the galleries that represent me. All you have to do is mention that you are a Mary Erickson Collectors' Club member. You can use this as a gift for someone, or a gift for yourself!

How to Register - Please email me two photos of your painting, one of the back (catalog number and signature) and one of the front. Note where you purchased it, and in what year. You are registered! I will also send you a certificate of authenticity for your painting.

Varnishing Service - Because of demand, many of my paintings leave the studio wet, fresh from the easel. They are sold shortly thereafter in the galleries, without a protective coating of varnish. Paintings should be 6 months to a year old before varnish can be applied. A final varnish protects your investment of the original oil painting by sealing the surface from airborne particles, dust and smoke. If you have a painting that has an uneven (both glossy and unglossy parts) on the surface, you can bring it or ship it to my studio, and I will unframe it, varnish it, and return it to you. Please contact me, Mary Erickson, to arrange to have this complimentary service, at or call 704-219-0391.

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